CONTACT SERVICE Handphone Problem

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Error on the phone like this means that the phone's software can run normally, and therefore the ability of IC Power (CCONT) can work. selfttest function runs when the power is switched on and run from flash. If there are selfttest fails, the text "Contact Service" will be displayed on the LCD. Errors in general:
MCU ROM checksum fails, try the program (flash) on your phone. If your phone is still not right after the program (flash), solder machine and try to update your phone software once more
CCONT interface failed, most likely due to damaged or defective soldering CCONT or less good. Mistakes are almost certainly caused by MAD or PCB (track) is damaged.
Parallel / serial COBBA failed, possibly caused by a damaged or defective IC COBBA soldering or less good. Try changing COBBA. If it still fails, the error caused by MAD or PCB (track) is damaged.
Check software

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