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Unstable signal problems can sometimes be confusing when we're on the phone to make a function call is relatively important. Signal problem is actually caused by two things namely, the quality of the signal from the BTS and the condition of weak mobile phone operator itself, which indeed has a problem in it. If the signal beam BTS had no problems at all, it can be ascertained, the problem is caused by mobile phones. Phones that have problems with signals also have two possibilities. Guilty of a software problem or hardware. The first step must be done is to create a signal improved tuning software. If after tuning the signal in particular still have a problem, then the last step is to change the antenna switch components, RF IC, PA, Audio and more associated with weak cell phone signals. Switch antenna is weak, it does not mean replacement must be done. If owned by a very limited budget, then we can perform an antenna switch jumpers without changing IC PA. Equipment must be prepared in advance:
Tin solder 0.3 mm following
Flux Liquids
0.3 mm jumper cable

Steps should be taken:
Disconnect the phone casing stay PCB / Board Cell Phone
Prepare a jumper cable to connect the appropriate points in the picture, exactly in the IC PA
In the picture above, we did a jumper on the phone 33XX
After making jumpers, reunite parts of the phone as before.
Mobile phones can now be used to capture a better signal.
Trick antenna switch jumpers will this affect the ability of dual-band mobile phone into a band of only one, namely 900 MHz. This is very useful tricks to get around the limitations of funds. If you do not want to lose the ability to dual-band mobile phone into a single band only, then the alternative is to make the turn with a new PA IC. JUMPER DIAGRAMS ANTENAMMI attempts to provide complete and accurate information, but MMI is not responsible for mistakes / damages incurred during use of the information we provide.


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