Kode Rahasia Hp Sony Ericsson

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* # 06 #: Seeing the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
* # 0000 #: Reset language back to Home.
> * <<* <*: Service Menu - displays the phone's software version. Press "Yes" repeatedly to see all the data software and press ">" to view all the text contained in the phone.
<* * <: Locking the SIM Card. Sortcuts: 1. Save a number "Missed Call" telephone directory. Search menu "Missed Call", press "Yes" to display the target number. Press any number (0 to 9), then press "clear" once to block the number, then press and hold <"" until "Store", press "Yes". 2. Hide the numbers. After pressing the destination, and before pressing the "Yes",> 'hit' two times to choose "Hide Id?" and press 'Yes'.
3.Mengecek battery level when phone is off (off). Press 'No' is faster battery 1 x and wait until the view is visible.
4. Storing a number in the phone memory (not SIM Card). Follow the normal procedures to store a number. When the display to save the visible press' # 'once and the desired location, or press '2 times #' to see the advanced position.
5. Contact cursor number SMS.Mengarahkan message written on a number, then press "Yes". Appearances Shortcut Picture: (Applicable in most Symbian phones). When viewing images or pictures in the gallery, press: 1: to rotate the image to the left. 2: to rotate the image to kanan.5 or seven: to enlarge (zoom) images .*: to view fullscreen or non fullscreen.Catatan: command above figures may vary with each ponsel.Hard Reset: Warning! All data will hilang.Dalam mobile circumstances of death (off), simultaneously press the phone button (talk), number 3, and * (star). Then in a state of pressing the third button, press the On button. This trick is applicable in most Nokia phones.

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