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On the phone is mute, if we use the phone, others we can not hear our voice, we can examine and test the components using MIC multitester with the following steps:
Use the manual on multitester xl scale, the positive pole cable connections and cable from the negative pole on foot multitester MIC component, if the needle moves so multitester MIC components in good condition. But if you do not move the needle on multitester then we need to replace the components of the MIC, for MIC of damaged components
Next we test runs of MIC components. To test the MIC kaponen point, we also use the manual on the scale multitester x1, connect the interface cable with MIC multitester on positive and negative poles, the needle moves multitester if, then the good line, but when the needle multitester not move, then the MIC broken line. We can make jumpers syste

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