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All Symbian-based phones that most of the damage could be in because Software.Sebelum use software tool to repair (repair box) should try to do repairs themselves by way of a master reset on the phone. Master reset method on each brand and certainly a different type of phone, for more details see some trick or method of Master reset on a variety of mobile smartphone type the following: Here is an experience - our experience in repairing damage to your phone using a secret code in various types of mobile phones:
Hang Overcome can make your phone slow performance or no function at all
Cope with frequent mobile phone or auto restart on of
Overcome phones often die alone in a few minutes or hours
No Overcome ringing caused you activate switches off the menu but does not know how to turn it on
Overcome Compose SMS can not perform the alphabet / letters, but that appears only Numerically, or numbers only
Can not write SMS Overcome due to missing folder
One Overcome Icon menu in the phone can not be activated or enabled
Overcome the emergence of the phone message LOCK PHONE
Views Overcome chaotic and irregular menu
Overcome the virus into the cell phone
Overcome the emergence of the message "application closed" on mobile phones
Overcome the emergence of the message "System Error" on your mobile phone
Overcome the emergence of the message "Phone start-UP CONTACT retailers" on mobile phones
Overcome nokia blink four times on your Nokia series symbiyan
Overcome an error in the camera take pictures or NOT READY message appears and the camera can not be used
Overcome the emergence of the message "MEMORY FULL" when the content is still a lot of memory in the empty condition
Some important things to consider before making such repairs: 1. The phone will be back at the beginning like the beginning of setting factory settings, so that the necessary data such as phonebook, ringtones, pictures and applications will hilang.Gunakan congenital such as PC suite software for backing up data or if the phone you are using external memory to memory data move these. 2. Memorize the location of the language setting, to prevent the display language changes that can make you confused, especially on the phone - a phone that you do not understand the menu. 3. For the series comunicator Officenya you can delete files and should be installed again.

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