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Telephone for many people like private secretary, even close friends. how not, almost all the valuable and confidential information is now stored in ordinary cellular phone. Start from the code of personal accounts, photos, personal videos to the official numbers, which should not be indiscriminate in the know people.

But who can guarantee if the phone will be forever in your hands? What if lost in oarang stolen? Bil; something that happens, the necessary data belongs to you will surely fall into the 'embrace' the other side.

before you prepare terjadiada good preventive measures. one of them with the help of mobile security applications such as Advanced Key divide. This application allows you to save the contents of the phone from the restart, with a password. Even when the telephone replaced the card / SIM card by the thief, the phone still will not be used.

Advance key divide and generally available for mobile nokia symbian first version until the third edition, sony ericsson P990/M600/w950 UIQ and S60. Among compatible with Nokia 6360,6600,6620,6670,6680,6620, N70, N72, N90, Panasonic X700, X800, Samsung SGH-D720 and SGH-D730.

tested for this application, you can download a trial version (7 day usage) in D & platformld = 4 & siteld 1 = & N = 7 & N = 7 & NTT = + + key & powerful tool NTK = All & Nty = 1
or go to and saw through the bars searc by typing 'Advance device lock'.

after the download is successful, transfer files to your phone (via data cable / infrared / bluetooth), and the application will be installed automatically after the files are transferred to the phone.

Step usage
1. Open the menu, select "locking device further options open '

2. There will be two key options and settings. The key contains a choice of whether mobile phones will be in a key moment in turn, automatically lock in a certain time and choice of key applications.

3. On the key choice of applications, check the box where you give the key. If not at the check-TSB means applications can be used without filling the lock code.

4. At the option 'Code', we ask to fill the old code and new code twice. old code contains the default code or congenital phone. For nokia phone which is 12345.

5. Besides above, this application also allows also locking for all applications found on mobile phones. Both congenital pnsel applications or third party in the injection into the deep.

Usage tips
1. Avoid indiscriminate use of passwords, this application can not remember the password reminder facility menyadiakan if forgotten. select an easy to remember.
2. Do not lock your memory card if it is not necessary

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