No Charging Handphone

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There is some possibility of damage: Damage occurs in the charging device (charging) battery itself, try your charger on a mobile device that have similar characteristics to identify damaged or not. The battery on your mobile phone can also be damaged so that the battery is not rechargeable. Check whether the connectors on the battery recharging your cell phone is still good. Then we just do inspection and testing of the phone itself.
If on your phone display appears a message "Not Charging" or cell phone refill process (charging), but indicators running without charging rechargeable batteries or refill process (charging) but refill indicator to remain silent so that we can ensure his Charge IC is damaged. Replace with new IC Charge
Mobile phones have been completed rechargeable (battery full), but still refill indicator, then the power IC damaged. Replace with new IC Power
The phone is not in a state rechargeable (charge), but refill indicator, then the software (SW) are damaged. Does the program (flash) on the phone with the same version.
The phone will be made each refill process (charge), hence IC IC Power Charge or damaged. Conduct examination and further testing on the phone to determine whether IC or IC Power Charge and then replace the damaged IC or IC Power Charge damaged.
After recharge (charge) phone with charger, no electrical leakage before power-on button is pressed, when you press the power button-on, the phone is not working. The cause of the problem is electrical leakage in power supply capacity. The goal remains the Power IC, IC UI, which is connected to the input voltage IC VBATT batteryt PA, units that are often damaged and can create problems is the Power IC, IC UI. Because IC Power is BGA, which is an integrated IC, then the method that is usually done is to release IC UI, then recharge (charge) returned the phone, note whether there is electricity kobocoran. If not, then the UI IC is damaged, if any, means IC Power corrupted. The problem is completed, after the replacement IC at the top.
We recharge (charge) the phone, then press the ON button, but the phone did not fire, no electric current into the phone. If so then do measurements on the R224, if the ends do not have the VBAT voltage of 3.2 V, the mean IC Power is damaged or there is poor soldering in the power IC. Replace damaged Power IC or re-soldering the IC Power
Try to flash your phone again

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