Tips membeli BLACKBERRY bagus

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Buying a used BlackBerry is not as simple as buying any other used phone. Do not be fooled. There are several things you must see before you decide to buy it.

You obviously need to carefully check the product specification. The reason, many users can not access these services at all because disuspen PIN (rejected) or previous use different types of service operators (PIN has not been released).

One simple way in terms of this specification can be done by deleting the alias BlackBerry device manually reset the pre-existing data can be lost. How to remove is as follows:

Login menu OPTIONS>> SECURITY OPTIONS>> General Settings>> Press the BlackBerry logo next to the green image the phone menu>> Select HANDHELD remove the>> BlackBerry typing paper. Wipe the process works.

If the process is complete, then insert the SIM Card that can access the BlackBerry service.

See the writing on gprs/edge/3g logo on the right side of your phone's screen. If a kid writes a letter, most likely disuspen phone PIN. This method can also ensure that the memory is empty, no longer filled with a variety of applications built from the previous owner.

On the other hand, you can also try to enlarge the capital letter is signed prior to the OPTIONS menu, then Advanced Options, then HOST ROUTING TABLE, then click on the symbol of the BlackBerry, and then select the menu LIST NOW.

If this is done in two ways and still small letters, the possibility of suspension of personnel identification number / PIN is still going on so that BlackBerry can only be used for calls and SMS. Buyer resale units is not less important also check the IT policy by doing the following:

Login menu OPTIONS>> SECURITY OPTIONS>> firewall. If writing is enabled with the logo of a red padlock beside it and hit the former policy of BlackBerry Internet from the user before.

previous policies, such as corporate BlackBerry Service (BES), will make you unable to access internet services surf outside so comfortable in the virtual world that has been determined will be disrupted.

Thus, the two main materials used in buying the BlackBerry PIN is to ensure that no disuspen and service users are free from prior policy (your PIN has been released). Other procedures are equally important is to consider the suitability of PIN and IMEI number in the status menu in the box with your BlackBerry.

If it turns out differently, it is advisable not to buy from disturbances in the future. Other suggestions, like buying a standard telephone. For example the condition of the goods (smooth or not), the layout quality microphone, keypad, vibrator effects, and others.

What is clear, buy a BlackBerry is not as simple as it used to buy other former phone. Do not be fooled!

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