PDA Phone HP iPAQ h2000, h5000, h3800 Series reset manuals

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HP iPAQ h2000 Series (2210 / 2215) and h5000 Series (5450 / 5550 / 5555) and HP iPAQ h3800 Series (3830 / 3835 / 3850 / 3855 / 3870 / 3875)

Master Method reset: While pressing and holding the far left (calendar) and far right button (iTask), followed by pressing the reset button on the back of the phone for 5 seconds until there is a display on the screen, then release the pressure on all the buttons. To approve the confirmation of reset, press the power button. And when the reset process to complete successfully but the device can not be turned on it to activate on battery power, plug in charge has been connected to the mains and press the reset hole with the stylus.

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