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Phone keypad problem, there are several kinds, although very rare damage on the phone keypad. Here are some types of damage on the phone keypad in conjunction with the solution:
If either button is pressed but does not work, for example the number three, we check and test voltage (volts) on the third button, then the voltage (volts) which is 0 V out, it means there is no voltage (volts) out. damage can be caused by poor connectivity song, let us clean the brass plates are used to pad on the PCB by using ordinary pencil eraser we use. If still not successful then we do jumpers with: For instance is the number three is not working then this figure with figure 2 jumperlah 3 (horizontal) and number 6 (vertical), circular brass plate outside jumpers''between the number three to number two ( horizontally), then the scope of jumpers 'from' brass plate between the number three to number six (vertical).
All the buttons do not work 'alias hangs', then check out and first test whether the IC Power is still good, do it if warming IC Power is still good, or have it replaced with IC Power IC Power new if it is damaged. After that do the program (flash).
One of the keys when pressed so that the exit is not the same, for example we press the number 5 but the number came out first. We check and test voltage (volts) on the keypad 5, the voltage (volts) that comes out is 2.0 V. damage can be caused by poor connectivity, we do like the way the jumper on top.
One button is pressed causing the phone to die, if we inspect or test voltage (volts) emitted is 2.8 V.
The solution we are doing examinations and tests in advance on the company's IC ¬ Power, Heat Power IC if not damaged or have it replaced with a new Power IC if it is damaged, then do a program (flash) your phone's software.

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